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mk so here goes some stuff dealing with [tippy title="diapirism"]That said, 1250, AMEG’s “cousin”, has been actively interested in agroecology since its inception, and particularly for the arctic I might add, so that should be of interest to those there at AMEG.

If you know who Sailesh Rao is, who runs Climate Healers, based entirely on the FAO material, etc, advocating veganism to fight warming, his whole thing started with a letter to Al Gore that he wrote. Actually, I am the one who first suggested the idea of such a letter, to him and a small group of others among Gore’s presenters.

But Martin is drastically mistaken if he think that what he is writing about calls into question what Bru is interested in.

So, this isn’t animals are good versus animals are bad – it’s about how many animals can/should there be on earth.

When you read the statistics on farm animal numbers, remember that they live pretty short lives, so essentially each human being has a whole flock of giant
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then can you have [tippy title = this]a whole bunch of stuff going on [/tippy]a mid sentence issue?