This site contains over an hour of music from the oratorio Gaian Variations, and was made possible through a settlement agreement involving the the American Federation of Musicians, the Brooklyn Philharmonic, and composer Nathan Currier. From eight years of litigation involving two linked cases, Currier v. Brooklyn Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in New York State Supreme court, and Currier v. American Federation of Musicians et al in Federal court (New York southern district court), the current website is the end result. In each of the cases, initial rulings were favorable to Currier and led to settlement.

The Brooklyn Philharmonic premiered Gaian Variations at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall for Earth Day 2004, but stopped mid-performance claiming that they were going into overtime, even though they had performed less than two hours of their three hour contract.

In the settlement, Currier was given rights to use the recording of the Gaian Variations premiere for this website, and it contains edited excerpts of that recording comprising twenty six of the work's variations, totaling about seventy minutes of music.

With the work's texts linked to a series of pictorially-supported science pages helping introduce key concepts of Gaia theory to the layperson, the site is likely one of the larger educational projects supporting the science of Gaia online, with twenty one pages taken from James Lovelock's 1992 Gaia: The Practical Science of Planetary Medicine, reprinted with kind permission of Gaia Books and the author.

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